the advantages of being poor

... I went to the supermarket yesterday, the first
time in about 6 months, and was surprised as to what
appealed to me

... when I was younger, I for sure would have bought
at least a gallon of ice cream, but this time, I wanted
a big head of iceburg lettuce, with French style dressing,
and some good toasted whole wheat bread

... my tastes have changed, as I starve off pounds

... but you have to have good bread. The white or whole
wheat loaves they sell now, make ok toast, but the best
toast comes from real homemade loaves fresh out of the
oven ... especially Esseene bread, it's like toasted cake

... so it goes, when you start to get poor; you don't
eat expensive stuff like animal products anymore, you
figure out a way to live off the vegetables and grains
God gives us

... yesterday, the thought occurred to me as I was
clearing off a patch to plant sweet potatoes, wouldn't
it be cool to genetically marry sweet potatoes with
soybeans, so that eating 1 sweet potatoe per day would
give you all your protein as well as vitamins and carbo's?

... in any event, I'm glad I'm past wanting anything
animal ... well butter is still hard to turn down

... as I wandered down the aisles,
... another thing caught my attention,
and that is the misleading paper towel ads.

Have you noticed the way they package paper towels?
They have labels with 6=8 or 10=14, to make you
think that they are giving you more rolls than
you actually get. The misleading second number
in their equations, is usually portrayed in larger
font than the real number, so as to further mislead

... oh well, we pay a price for capitalism and a
free market.

... so, to be honest, the food from the stores is
killing us, because it is so good we eat too much

... in my case I am learning why my body's current
condition is just an inflammed condition because
my weight was more than my bones were designed for

... the bones try to grow bigger, to hold the excess
weight, but it just results in inflammation

... the answer is to eat alot less, and let my
bones properly readjust to my proper weight

... instead, they want me to get the Unaffordable
Care Act, so they then can take all my monies
for some fancy prescription drug, which reduces

... but the macrobiotic answer is to eat less, and
let your body heal it's own self

... what is the saying? Physician heal thyself.

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu