I think I have a quantuum brain

... after musing a bit, how life is like a slot machine,
sometimes you get the jackpot, sometimes not

... sometimes, it is just an unknown, like when
you get 4 consecutive cherry moons, thinking it's
a winner, only to later find out they are blood-moons

... the big cycle of karma swings both ways, with
intense peaks of both good and bad

... you have to be constantly vigilant for the danger
signs which God places around the bad areas of spacetime

... only the good and attuned, can hear and see the
hidden psychic messages passed around thru the glances
of the eye

... in order to deal with this, my mind has gone quantuum

... at every instant, there is a big cosmic slot machine
spinning, whose outcome determines what happens the
next instant

... at any instant, all things can change ... reality
occurs way at the fringes of the bell-shaped curve, the
big soft center bulge in the curve, is just where the
average event-manifestation ends up

... the average person is usually afraid to challenge
the extreme ends of the curve

... life is like a game where you pull the slot wheel
continuously, at infinitessimally small intervals, wherein
you wager your karma against the world, in a battle
of life and death

... the quantuum mind sees all possible outcomes of the
future, and sifts thru them, all the while balancing out what
the ramifications of each outcome may mean to you
and your survival

... then the next microsecond occurs, the slot wheel stops,
Shiva collects the souls, and the wheel gets pulled again,
and again, and again , and again ...........

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu