the unified religious theory

... I saw in the news today, that the pope warned
everyone that the Devil is alive and well, and
still tempting people away from the path of
following Christ

... it is often said by advanced theologians
that the devil is the left hand of God. I see
this to be true, as there is only One controlling
entity, and all are part of the big cosmic program,
designed and written by Brahma, the mind who
created this material universe

... in the Srimad Bhagavatam, translated by
Srila Prabupada for our enlightenment, it states:

within one day of Brahma. It is understood here that
Manu creates scriptural regulations for the salvation
of the conditioned souls who come to the material world
for material enjoyment. The Lord is so kind that any
soul who wants to enjoy in this material world is given
full facility for enjoyment, and at the same time he
is shown the path of salvation.

... God has given us our free will, and if we want to
stay in the material world, He facilitates that.

... so life in the material world is given to us
by God, if we want it, but it has fences to it,
like a child's sandbox, and the entity which is
controlling and teaching us, is collectively called
the Devil, or the Warden of Earth, who holds us here
until we ask to go back to God

... the Warden will slap you around hard, making
sure that you understand the path to salvation,
and what bad karma comes from one's material desires

... the Devil has no trouble holding people here.
With temptations such as sex, drugs, beauty, fame,
power, and money, the Devil can easily keep most
wayward souls happily laboring away and making new
babies, for the next batch of souls to incarnate into

... the Devil is just God's way of giving us our
material desires. God dosn't want to do it, so
He assigns a lesser spirit to the task
... to God, the earth is like a sewer pit, He dosn't
want to come down here

... the Devil cannot keep you here, but there
really is no other place to go, unless you
return to the Godhead

... so QED, it is all Oneness. The devil is
just God's righteous side, grabbing you
by the neck.

... the Pope is right. I don't follow the
path to Christ, but I'm going toward Vishnu,
and ultimately Krishna, if the devil dosn't
tempt me back

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu