the true survivor

... a day or so ago, a renowned climate scientist
from England, the man who first outlined the
Gaia Hypothesis, said the first sensible thing
concerning the coming climate change

... he said it dosn't matter anymore, as to what
is causing, or has caused the weather to change;
but the fact is that the weather is going to become
so catastrophic, and unpredictable, that we are
best advised to just plan for it, by retreating to
climate controlled cities

... we are NOT, without a MAJOR catastrophe, going
to return this planet to the pristine conditions
which we all desire

... the world of forested landmasses, pristine
water and air, and the gentle climate which comes
from a totally balanced world teaming with life

... we have exceeded the natural carrying capacity of
Spaceship Earth, but that does not mean we are doomed

... even if we have to drink expensive desalinated
ocean water, eat algae grown in big ponds, and cherish
yeast grown in giant stainless steel tanks, the
humaans will survive on eaarth

... the question is: do you want to? Do you really
want to survive?

... the spiritual truth is that the planet's physical
deterioration is just a symptom of the spiritual
decline in humans, they go hand in hand

... no matter what, we are entered into the Age of
Kali Yuga, and eventually it degenerates into a
dog-eat-dog kind of society ... that is to
be avoided for as long as possible

... the greed in this world already makes me shudder

... even Srila Prabupada of the Hare Krishna movement
said that about 10,000 years from now, the people will
have degenerated so far, that Krishna(God) will be totally
forgotten, as mankind will think they have become
gods themselves

... the results of genetic engineering research and
other scientific advancements will make the world
10,000 years into the future seem like something
totally alien to us 21rst century homosapians

... I don't know if I want that kind of world myself,
but others may really go for it

... I sense the prescense of another set of dimensions,
and life in those dimensions, life as superior to me,
as I am to my dog Jack

... I want to go there

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu