I need a lover who won't drive me crazy

... "I need a lover who knows the meaning of
HEY, hit the highway"

... when it comes right down to it, all people
are looking for love and friendship

... most really never find it, except in the
fantasy worlds of their favorite TV programs

... I never have found my true love, and that
makes the world a very lonely place

... but I should not complain. What happened to
us as we got chewed up by the Military-Industrial
Complex, is not all our fault. We are somehat
victims of our own victorious circumstances
after WW2

... when you think about it, God has been very
good to us Americans. After the ugliness of the
Civil War, and especially after World War 2,
the US has become a pretty niceplace to be

... most of us have been fed and watered on
a regular basis, and there are not roving gangs
of thugs, patrolling at night with heavy weapons.

... so God has been smiling on America, with all
it's imperfections, because we provide something
to the world's conciousness

... what we provide is the freedom to think, unencumbered
by political constraints

... some call it Babylon, some call it a Wasteland
of Lost Souls, but it has provided me with the
opportunity to reach out into the deepest mind,
and attempt to truly understand reality

... so I say, thanks God for smiling on America,
but can you send me a lover, one who won't
drive me crazy?

... Pretty please.

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu