high hopes

... with all the doom and gloom in the news
recently, it just becomes depressing to be

... and when you get depressed, one's health
can suffer

... so today, let's think positive

... the world is actually a very magical place,
but the Age of Kali Yuga has drained us of
our true magical powers

... we are degrading physically and spiritually,
by condoning alot of what the Bible, and other Good
Books condemn, in the name of personal freedom

... I hate to say it, but Buchanan wrote an article
today in which he states that Mr. Putin of Russia
is claiming that God is actually on Russia's side
because the West has turned to worshipping the
Goddess of Babylon

... I must say to Mr. Putin that I agree with him,
but apparently the Goddess of Earth likes the
lustiness and vulgarity of the West

... it all helps the Kama Sutra

... I notice that in Russia, the people are being
encouraged to have more true Russian children,
to counter the influx of immigrants
... they could use some Kama Sutra

... to be honest, I would rather marry a good
Russian farm girl, than the Barbie-dolls caked
with makeup and hair dye, which the West offers

... maybe Mr. Putin is actually the reincarnation
of Prince Vlad of Kiev? His first name is Vladamir?
Isn't it?

... oh well, back to being optimistic about the future,
it is so much better for the health

... when you have a positive outlook, your creative
processes and health are definitely better. It's
an odd cat who is healthier when depressed.

... so lets look to the future. Russia will do far
more good for Crimea than the Ukraine ever would have.

... I say a good solution is that Russia give Ukraine
discount gas for a few years as compensation.
Make everybody happy.

... the human race will survive, even if we are drinking
desalinated sea water and eating food products made from
algae and yeasts grown in big tanks and ponds

... so feel good about the future, but things may
be different than you ever expected

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu