now vegetarianism is bad for you

... in the never ending battle, in which meat eaters
attempt to justify their consumption of animal
flesh as good karma, a German study found that
pure vegetarians were sicker, on the average,
than a similarly situated meat-eater, but only
in Austria

... only in Austria? WTF? Maybe it can be accounted
for by other factors, like eating vegetables from
too far away, and too full of sprays

... who knows? There are so many variables.

... but just Austria? Macrobiotics would say that
people living in Austria should be eating alot
of bread, cheese, potatoes, carrots and milk

... stuff that is easily produced there. Not
chemically treated bio-engineered products
from around the world

... another German study found that men who
carried cell phones around, had erectile

" The men in the study who had erectile dysfunction
carried switched-on cell phones for an average of
4.4 hours daily, whereas the men without erectile
dysfunction averaged 1.8 hours."

... There is no proof that the cell phone radiation
itself caused the dysfunction, because there are
other factors associated with this behavior.

... for instance, from my knowledge of male thought
patterns, I might suggest that the men who
carried the cell phones the least, had more time
to day-dream, rather than be chatting and texting
all day with friends

... and you know what men day-dream about, right?
Sex! So guys who don't deal with the cellphones,
should have better fantasy lives and therefore
better erections.

... men need more time to day-dream!

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu