now running is bad for you

... I used to be a compulsive jogger, you know the
kind who has to jog that 1 hour every morning to
get the brain and body oxygenated, putting you
into the zone

... it's the runner's high, the endorphin release
which results from forcing your body to go thru
a few minutes of discomfort and pain, as you
shake off and leave behind the demons from

... if you don't get that runner's high, first
thing in the morning, then your day can be ruined
and lackluster ... you never waked up and caught
your second-wind, as atheletes like to call it

... it's almost like you didn't get to sleep
the night before, when you miss your run

... now, they say it's bad for you. It causes
alot of wear and tear on joints, and the heart

... some people adapt to it, they can run and live
to be old, but the majority under the bell-shaped
curve, will die early for running too hard

... riding a bike is better. You get to suck in
alot of air, get oxygenated, and not do too much
damage to your joints

... yet ultimately, when you come right down to
it, walking is the best thing for you. I got more
strength and endurance built into myself from
taking long walks, I mean 15 or 20 miles.

... when you are free to truly walk, you can
get into a long-strided, arm-swinging cadence,
which helps you move effortlessly forward,
using the least effort possible

... the proper timing of the arm swing is

... What you are trying to do, is to
use your arms to keep your center of gravity
balanced against the long strides of your legs

... if you do it right, it is the perfect
exercise, almost a dance, a dance between
you and all the cosmic gravitational forces

... I've been needing to use a walker to get
around lately, and I sure miss walking in the
cool morning, arms swinging away

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu