seeing the truth

... you really can't contemplate the full truth
unless it includes your own death

... so people tend to avoid thinking about
the truth, because when they hit that point
in their thinking, where they realize that they are so
far into the future that they themselves are already dead,
they stop. Death scares us.

... but think we must, or we may just go extinct,
according to a news release by an Australian scientist.

... he says that when it really starts to warm up,
people will become ineffective, and the great
civilization we have built, will slowly crumble,
leaving increasing numbers of starving people,
searching for underground survival shelters

... everyone just takes AC and alot of fresh water
for granted, but imagine the following likely
... it is 135 Farenheit, in the shade, it hasn't
rained for months, and most big crops have
failed. Everyone is hungry, thirsty, and too
hot to even care if you live or die. Then
the electric power grid fails, and no one
goes out to fix it. All the refrigerated food
goes bad, toilets in the cities stop working,
and roving gangs of thugs roam the cooler
nights, looking to steal anything they can,
to feed their babies, they are ruthless.

... it is likely that will come, and it already
is starting in many parts of the world

... it makes you realize how powerless the human
race really is, when it comes to extinction level

... I think we better start to figure out how
to produce the great Soylent line of products

... if I recall correctly, the first line of
Soylent products started when we began to
scoop up the bountiful arctic krill, and
turn it into a protein substitute

... I think they are already doing it, but
are marketing it as fish cakes.

... oh, well, since I'm older now, and over
the hill, I don't worry too much, as I'm
pretty much dead man, anyways you look at it.

... but the young ... I have a hard time
looking at their faces, when I contemplate
their likely future

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu