being a believer

... I heard a while back, a Arab translator say
that the ultimate meaning of Muslim, is that
you are one who believes in a power from above,
a God above, a Supreme Conciousness

... it is a very simple distinction:
either you believe in a power above, or you don't

... I'm not being religion specific here. Any
belief in a power above us, fullfills the

... be it spirit worship, demi-god worship,
voodoo, Roman Catholicism, Krishna Conciousness,
and even Buddhism, and all beliefs in Jesus, Allah,
Jehovah, and whatever else you have

... they all have a commonality, a belief in a power
superior to us humans

... when you sit down, and really analyze it, it is
incomprehensible for such a magnificent creation
to be here by mere accident of the quantuum fluctuations

... there is a God above, and there is only 1

... if you are not a believer, earth becomes a lonely,
cruel place ... most suffer while they live, and
die in holes in the wall

... I'm beginning to look at reality, as a fountain
of Time, which allows me to observe events, as they
occur. God is that fountain of Time.

... then I am tested, based on my reaction to events

.... this is a learning process, so that when
I die as human, I will be trained to be compatible
with the other spirits in heaven

... you just can't show up in heaven, and act like
a human being, demanding that our will and creative power,
take precedence over Vishnu's

... that is how we got thrown out of heaven to begin with

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu