best American male character

... on a current NPR show, called the Takeaway,
they are voting for the best American TV character

... my vote is for Barney Miller. You cannot beat
the dialog in that show, and Barney always wins,
that's why he is captain

... the world has changed alot since the days
of Andy of Mayberry and Capt. Barney Miller

... to us now, it seems like the good old days,
when the police were universally trusted as

... not so now, everyone is scared of everyone else

... that little old lady, or punk adolescent may be
packing a weapon

... if right dosn't make might anymore, and conversely,
since might dosn't make right anymore either,
what does?

... I see 2 paths. One is weapon superiority, and the
other is just having faith in God, Who gives protection.

... as the saying goes, God helps those who help
themselves, so pray for God's protection, but at the
same time, keep some good weapons at hand so the
barbarians cannot overrun you.

... earth is not at the Promised Land yet, and many
battles are still to be fought, so Be Prepared, as
the Boy Scout motto goes.

... hope for the best, but expect the worst

... in my leisurely reading of the Srimad Bhagavatam,
it is stated that Krishna incarnates to play games with
humans, to test our strength and karma. So nothing that
happens in this world surprises me anymore, they are
all Acts of God.

... human karma, events, and actions cannot be blamed on
God, because the rules of the material world are clear and
well known to us by now, and we have free will

... all God can do is watch as the immutable laws of material
world physics bring an end to event sequences which
have run amouk

... pull too many G's, and you will rip apart, even if you
believe you are on a mission from God

... but, have faith in God's justice and good will, and
maybe events will line up for you,

... a quantuum fluctuation can bring 3 Cherries , and
you will hit the jackpot

... the thing about quantuum fluctuations, is that they
are controlled by our own thought processes and the
Greater Conciousness, which sits above us

... our programming allows us to drive straight into death,
letting us be both war heroes and suicides

... the question ultimately becomes: Is there a
Higher Conciousness above, which gives meaning and
purpose to our lives?
Or, are we just some genetic scum, clinging to a
watery world called earth

... I just cannot accept that we are merely accidental
creations in the material universe

... I've seen too many connections, too many synchronicities,
for me not to believe in a
higher conciousness compared to that
of humans

... if there is no purpose to life, if it is just an
accident of nature, a cruel existential joke on
all of our souls, then I say F*** It, lets party till
we die, have wars of conquest, and do all the things
which civilization is trying to suppress

... I mean, if there is no God, then this life is just
a waste of time

... it becomes a just short nanosecond blip in the
quantuum foam

... somehow, I hold myself in higher esteem than that

... I hope you do too. :-)

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu