food prices up 20%

... a little government statistic went by somewhat
unreported in my opinion, the one which says that
the real inflation in food prices is nearly 20%

... they give us propaganda that inflation is only 2% ,
and that the Quantitative Easing hasn't made inflation
go up much, but it is only an average hiding secrets

... food inflation targets the poorest of people

... the government inflation statistic is designed to
hide the inflationary costs put on poor people

... I was wondering why food prices seemed to be
going up, and the box sizes are getting smaller,
in a clever way,
to hide that the fact that you pay more now

... the typical american diet is not good for you,
it is killing most people who eat it, by creating
various ying-yang imbalances, which then target certain

... so maybe higher food costs is just the thing
needed to get America thin again

... back to rice, beans, bread, peanuts, sprouts,
garden vegetables, and whatever is cheap

... and in actuality, one of the precepts of
modern macrobiotics is
eat what is local, and cheap

... it seems the great Maintainer of the Cosmos,
has worked it out that the poor man's diet
is what is good for you, and death and disease comes
from the rich man's diet

... isn't that the way you would want God to deal
with the karma of the way we eat? The poor get
what they need, and the rich die of their own excesses.

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu