the world of the future

... a couple of stories in the news recently, have
started to give me a glimpse of what the poor
suckers in the future are going to have to
live with

... the first is the rise of the mega-city.
Numerous cities, each over 10 million in
population, and poor with nothing to do except
eek out survival on the curbs of the city

... the Malthusian limit is approaching, and
as a consequence, people are being herded
like cattle into terrible conditions

... so if you like being human, and figure that
you will just stay on earth, reincarnating
for another earth trip, just remember the
odds of where you will end up

... the other story which caught my attention
was that soon, most news stories will be written
by computer programs, which will be smart
enough to fool most people

... the field of animation is getting very
sophisticated too, and it is predicted that very
soon, actors and actresses will be computer
generated ... all they need is a few good
voice prints to make your voice sound real

... I don't know what this bodes for the future,
but it looks to me like a purgatory where
souls are packed like sardines, and fed
artificial everything, from food to news

... but such is the price of unregulated baby making

... sex is too powerful a drive, to curtail
... people will sneak out and do it behind the church

... so civilization is being crushed by the existence of
too many people and has degenerated into herding humans
to maintain
control over them

... death don't scare me as much anymore,
when I consider what the future looks like

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu