quantuum fluctuations

... I can sense it, like when the full moon occurs,
the psychic seas are getting choppy, and it feels like
something big is going to occur

... some kind of big thing is coming, but what,
where, when?

... it's always like this when the Angel of Death
soars above us like a great harvestor of souls,
but who will IT pick?

... the crazy energy usually means someone,
somewhere, is going to get hurt, when the energy
pops out into material manifestation from
the choppy psychic seas below

... it's almost like those old sea-faring maps,
which showed giant sea monsters laying in wait
for some ship to pass

... earth moves forward thru the great cosmic
sea, and we sometimes have to batten down
the hatches, and let the cosmic monsters
have their way

... only the truly pure survive

... isn't the old adage: do not ask for whom
the bell tolls, because it may toll for thee

... it is good advice

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu