its all in the karma

... I really like the new Pope. Today he had the
kahunas to publically say that mafia mobsters
should repent or go to hell

... yesterday, I was going to upload an article
in which I proposed to lower criminal court
costs, by bringing back barbed-wire outdoor
camp detention centers, and re-establishing
a credible death penalty by going back to
using the firing squad ... with 1 day appeals only

... but, for some reason, the network would not
let me upload it, and as I sat and thought
about it, I realized it was not a good thing to
write, as it would inflame people, especially

... but with today's remark by the Pope, I see
it is best to let karma play its way out

... its real easy to fall into the the trap
of believing that God dosn't see all, and
that you are entitled to take from God's world,
without the prerequisite sweat of the brow

... just like prostitution, the mobs have been
with us since the dawn of human civilization

... stomp out one, another pops up to replace it

... criminal nature abhors a vacuum

... I have to admit, I do see the various mobs
as somewhat of a good thing, because they act as
a counter-balance to the government

... but Vishnu sees all, your Guardian Angel
sees all, and every nasty thing you do to
hurt others, is noted, and displayed to
you at your entrance into Hell

... even the Srimad Bhagavatam says that
Hell can be a beautiful place to look at,
but there is no true happiness there, because
there is only eternal loneliness there,
without God

... but have hope, in this disgusting
Age of Kali-Yuga thoughts don't count,
only actions do

... so think what you wish, but leave all
actions to God ... let the karma play out,
in this big game called human life

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu