going hypersonic

... I saw a picture today in the news, of a
hypersonic scramjet rocket, what a beautiful
piece of equipment

... I used to build my own model rockets
when I was a kid, and I can appreciate
technological advances

... but the hypersonic scramjet can go
at near Mach 10, and make it from New York
to LA in 5 minutes

... that is too fast to carry humans, the
G forces would rip us apart, but it can
carry bombs, and that is a worry

... I have to admire the front nose dive plane,
which it uses to maneuver ... and the high
speed electronics needed to actuate it

... very advanced stuff

... if I had stayed in school, no doubt, I would
have been working on the design and production
of these beauties, but instead I watch as others
do it for me, ... better for me that way

... someone claimed not too long ago, that
if there ever was a real Third World War, it would
be over very fast, maybe 15 minutes from beginning
to end ... fast victories, and fast defeats

... I guess now that we have them flying, the next
thing to do, is figure out how to shoot them down?
We must defend against what we create.

Boy-toys are alot of fun.

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu