a man's best friend

... I recently got a dog, a min-pin, from
the local shelter, I call him BlackJack,
or just Jack for short

... I've never encountered a dog with such
friendliness and intelligence

... it has some differences from most
dogs, like it never barks, it always
wants to be within sight of it's master,
it's perfectly house trained, and fun
to be with ... he likes to high-5 people

... he also dosn't like cold weather,
and if given the chance to go out
when it's raining or cold, he is
smart enough to just stay in his
sleeping bag

... but he will follow me into the rainy
cold, if I command him to ... he is a
dog which needs one master

... he has already scared the mice and
rats from coming near my trailer

... the dog has ESP, and you can tell
when you look him in the eyes

... I saw a movie once named A Boy and his Dog.

... at the end of the movie, the boy had
to choose between a female and the dog,
the last scene was him and the dog walking away

... I'm not that attached though, because
if Alessandra Ambrosio wanted to come
live with me, but didn't like dogs,
well hit the road Jack :-)

... the way he came into my possesion
is also filled with strange synchronicities,
which I will keep to myself, rather than
be labelled a wacko. :-)

... I think Jack is a very advanced soul,
temporarily stuck in a dog's body, and is
getting ready to move up to human, in his
next incarnation

... oh well, may Vishnu protect my dog Jack,
is added to my daily prayers

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu