March Madness afflicts the nation

... if there was ever a reason for God to create the
material world, and put us here, it is so we can experience
the fun of playing basketball

... and now that Babylon's Winter Holiday called the SuperBowl
is history, we move onto the Spring celebration, called
March Madness, where young healthy men play their hearts
out, for the glory of being number 1, nothing else

... I think it is as close to true sport as it gets,
and the greatest thrills come when the underdog
team topples giant adversaries, for the upsets

... and then most of the players, go off to unglorious
lives and jobs, and look at old photos of their glory days

... but bring out the cheerleaders, and get out the intoxicants,
because it's Time

... it's do-or-die time, glory time, for the teams and their

... even an influential think tank, has recommended that
workers be given some slack, to follow the games, at
the expense of productivity. It's good for morale.

... and as general order, the gods above say:
Maximize Happiness

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu