let there be light

... everyday, when I scan the news, I see more and more
miraculous advances in science and technology

... the Navy wants to beam power to earth from
space-based solar panels, which open toward
the sun, as a group, like a giant flower blossom

... reseachers have discovered waves from the very
instant after the Big Bang, lending credibility
to the theories of inflation, dark matter, dark energy,
and a multiple universe scenario

... the reason I like Buddhism as a belief system, is
that it allows for all new discoveries, to be quickly
integrated into the belief system

... I also find that the teachings of the Srimad Bhagavatam,
also line up nicely with all the new science, which is
nice because it scientifically verifies the assertions
made in the book

... the concept of parallel universes, which satifies
the quantuum mechanically inclined, is particularly
congruent with the religous teachings

... especially the concepts of free-will and parallel
universes in the quantuum foam

... it dosn't contradict anything, only verifies

... the concepts of mass-free energy, dark energy,
etc., are all there metaphorically, in the ancient
Sanskrit teachings

... I think dark matter and dark energy get a bad
rap, from the connotations of the word dark

... the SB says that these worlds are self-illuminating,
and have no need of light, as we know it

... light is a strange thing, it exists, yet it dosn't

... God's first words were supposedly
let there be light

... yet light is a property of the material universe,
not the spirit universe ... the spirit universe

... whether the dark substances of our theories are
the Vaikunthas of religious doctrine, remains to
be seen ... but the shoe fits

... one should aspire to the Vaikunthas, as they are
the gateway to heaven

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu