waiting for love

... all my life, I've been hearing stories about
how love is the answer, but I've yet
to fall in love with any woman, they just are not
spiritual enough

... there always has been those undeniable
attractions a man has for a good looking
female, but those females seem to want alot
of money to keep them happy

... the closet thing I have encountered is
the buddhist concept of compassion, after
all, most people have no idea on how they
got into their current situations, so why
blame them?

... I know the love which I am seeking is
probably not available on earth, as it
involves perfection, and that is reserved
for God, and the demi-gods.

... you don't often see a goddess incarnate
on earth, just to please a man, but if
Mohini would incarnate for me, I promise
her the best pleasure possible

... the female incarnation of Vishnu, is
what I desire

... so I wait, wait for love

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu