free trial period

... I heard a funny 1-liner on the radio,
which went something like this:

Try God, and if it dosn't work out,
the devil will gladly take you back.

... that Truth has been floating around
in my conciousness all week, and was brought
to the surface today, by a remark, which
Bill Maher made in response to seeing the
movie Noah

... he said something to the effect that
God was portrayed as a psychotic baby
killer and mass-murderer

... Mr. Maher's point, about the way
God was portrayed in the Noah movie, is correct,
but just in Hollywood terms

... I would like to point out to Mr. Maher,
that earth is essentially a reform school
for rebellious souls, not some Club-Med vacation
planet for lost souls, who demand miracles
from God, just because they feel God owes us

... bearing the fruit of our own Karma, was the
deal God gave us, when we were kicked out
of Eden ... God could have just put us all
out of our misery back then, but we got sent
to reform school on Earth instead

... as such, because of Karma which the people
of earth have collectively incurred, by our
free wills and actions, God is no longer in control
of the average person's world

... God can still work miracles, but for
most of the standard events which occur to us,
it is a result of our own karma, and it is
humans who must pay ... sometimes with
a pound or 2 of flesh

... believe me, if God arranged the death
of a bunch of babies, it was only to take
them directly to heaven, or to prevent
those babies from growing up in a miserable
world, full of bad karma, which their innocence
didn't deserve

... if you were a baby, knowing you would grow
up in the slums and garbage dumps of the world,
wouldn't you request that God snuff you out?
I would.

... besides, the Srimad Bhagavatam, says that
anyone killed by the Hand of God, is immediately
returned to heaven

... God plays games which are unbeknownst to us
mere mortal humans, but believe me, we have no rights
to make any demands on God and the way this world is run

... you must Trust, that God knows what is best, for the soul

... ashes to ashes, dust to dust, God dosn't really care
about our temporary bodies

... God would rather see us die, reattain pure soul state,
give up our material bodies, and re-enter the heavens

... but we like our bodies, and want to keep them

... what's God going to do? It's all our own karma,
the karma of the human race

... I heard a funny joke about this on NPR. Apparently,
some adventurous nut, is going to climb Mt. Everest,
and jump off wearing a glide suit, and fly back to
base camp

... when questioned whether he would ask for God's
help during the flight attempt, he said he would,
but the interviewer then said what if God responds to
his request for a miracle with:

hey man, did I ask you to climb that mountain and jump?

... so that is the truth Mr. Maher, if you can handle it.

... this is the Age of Kali-Yuga, and the goddess Kali, can
be quite ruthless when Karma must be equalized, yet it is all
done under the auspices of God

... and because we demand it, God gave us our Free Will,
so we can screw ourselves up, as we see fit to do.
... but don't blame God for it

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu