seems like a full moon

... even if it was cloudy and I had no calender, I can
tell when it's a full moon, just by the internal energy
which I experience, and the way events happen around me

... there is something peculiar happening when the moon
comes full cycle, something more mysterious than what
even our most advanced scientists can explain

... it is some sort of confluence in the space-time
continuum ... something you feel, not see, nor touch

... it makes men want to sing and chant, and the wolves
howl at the moon

... isn't there an old feminist saying?:
You can take the man out of the dog,
but you can't take the dog out of the man.

... it's in the limbic region I believe. Just the
desire to survive to howl at the mysterious moon for
another month

... when I stare at the fullmoon, I see all the souls
of the past who stared at it too

... it makes me howl in my inner thoughts

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu