buoyancy engines

... I read today about a new design for drones
that swim thru the oceans, using the density
difference between warm upper waters and
the deep cold stuff

... as they move up and down in an endless
cycle, they can propel themselves slowly forward,
using various things like tail and bow fins

... I guess this will become a game of Spy vs. Spy,
as all sea powering nations will use these as a
means of getting close to an opponents shore

... that means we will need fast intelligent
counter-measures, which can detect foreign
buoyancy devices, and let us know they are there

... maybe trained dolphins? I hear they are doing that.

... I can foresee the day when each of us will have
a guardian angel drone hovering above us, just
keeping watch

... the world is changing faster than I ever expected

... science can now extract the energy out of the
temperature difference of just a few degrees

... I wonder what state of energy would be bouyant
in the material world? It would just float on the
material world, like an boat on water. Always above,
never sinking in, because bouyancy pops you back out.

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu