they'll beat a path to your door

... I think I've got a better mouse trap

... it involves 2 models, one is a robotic spider
which quietly waits for the mouse at the pilferage
point, and kills it, maybe by snagging it with
a dart

... the other was inspired by a youtube video I saw
of the KUKA robotic arm, made in China. What a work
of art. It can programmatically point, or goto, any
position in a nearly full sphere. Very fast,
it scared me to watch it.

... anyways, Improved MouseTrap v2.0 would be a ceiling
mounted industrial robot of the KUKA quality. Put a laser
on it, and let it shoot flies out of the air in the kitchen,
when it isn't targetting rodents at night.

... it probably would be a great anti-piracy weapon on
the new unmanned deep water cargo ships being developed

... I wonder if such robots could be used in the
care of the sick and elderly to give automatic
showers and general assistance

... I wonder if the robot contoller knows what it's doing?

... I believe I will be long gone from earth before it
occurs, but the future seems very scary to me

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu