shelter from the wind

... I've camped out for prolonged periods, and
consider myself to be pretty good at surviving,
and I know one thing: seek shelter from the high

... the winds are blowing strong today, as cold
weather pounds the North

... they call them the winds of change,
and they just make you want to crawl under some
cover, or into a well made sleeping bag

... these are the kinds of nights when babies
get conceived, as people need to get warm by
getting naked together under a blanket for 2

... that is probably the one thing I missed
in my life, was not getting my share of sleeping
with a fine looking female

... just to stay warm and have some company thru
the long night

... I mean, the eskimos used to offer their wifes
and daughters to guests, to help them keep warm
at night, snuggling under the polar bear skins

... think what you want, but it prevented in-breeding
and stagnation in the gene pool

... they say in old tales, that Tahiti, about 10,000
years ago, was like that ... people had sex with
whomever suited their fancy on that particular

... for awhile, it must have seemed like heaven

... oh, well, as you can see, I can turn any topic
into thoughts of sex, in as little as 10 lines

... even at my mature age, I still think of Mohini,
the one female incarnation of Visnu, whose beauty
and charm is beyond all compare

... and if I die in this windstorm tonight, I pray
that my soul be laid before Mohini, and I will have
been delivered back to Visnu ... my ultimate goal

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu