the big cycle

... I read an interesting story in the news today,
where young college researchers at a prestigous
research institution, put out the theory that
comets hit earth every 35 million years or so,
do to the fact that we enter a region of dark matter

... their theory goes that the Milky Way is sandwiched
between 2 thick slabs of dark matter, and as the earth's
solar system rotates around the Milky Way's center, there
is an oscillation, much like a sine wave wobble.

... This means that at predictable points in the
oscillation, the solar system hits the contraints
of the dark matter boundaries

... and the cosmic sh*t hits the fan

... for some reason unclear to me from the story,
dark matter will interact with our solar system,
to cause more comets to hit earth ... something
about the Oort Cloud getting distorted

... now this giant mental image of our reality,
is reminiscent of semiconductor physics, and the
layers of dissimilar materials in semiconductor

... I wonder if the Milky Way is some kind of giant
semiconductor junction, and we are just quantuums
of energy being conducted along, by our thought
energy, constantly transforming from past to
future, and never, ever experiencing the present,
because the present dosn't exist

... the immediate future becomes the immediate past,
with nothing in between except for our thoughts
about it ... it's our own slow thoughts, which
seem to have an existence in the present here and now

... and they say, on the deepest level, there is no
direction to time, it goes both forward and backwards,
equally well

... the one constraint is entropy, the tendency for
all energy systems to degrade with time

... we live in a finite material world, but it is part
of a greater mass-free world, the dark matter world

... there is infinity in the pure energy worlds,
God lives forever and ever

... the material world is constrained by the speed
of light, the dark energy world is not

... I find a fascinating correlation in this topic
of dark matter, as it supposedly is 90 % of the
entire cosmos

... Srila Prabupada says that 75% of all life,
resides in the heavenly dimensions and planets,
only 10% come to the material world

... I wonder if the elusive dark matter, is actually
the realm of the heavens of our various religions?

... oh, well, it's all useless mental speculation,
but it does fill the mind with wonder

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu