it's all still underground

... I read today an interesting article, in which
a giant virus, which affects amoebas, was pulled
up by drilling rigs in Siberia, and the message
was they were warned by geologists, that deep
under that ice, there are viruses and proemes from
ancient times

... yeah, but why point fingers at the Russians?
Isn't the same true for fracking, and all the other
deep boring of the earth, with advanced equipment?
Methods which are currently flourishing worldwide.

... the virus was named pithovirus, as a
reference to the ampule which Pandora cracked
open ... they say in the original version,
Pandora had an ampule, not a box

... so what are we about to uncover? I don't
know, but I'm starting to wash my hands alot :-)

... but, we should have no fear, right? Our modern
technologists and businessmen know what they are
doing, right? Besides, God would never let a giant
human pandemic happen, right?

So sleep easy, everything is going to be fine.
What possibly could go wrong?

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu