the real paleo diet

... I always have tried to tell people the
advantages of a vegetarian diet, but when
you try to live in the country, you run up
against the desire for meat in most of
the people, since it's relatively easy to raise
food animals.

... in the never-ending debate between
vegetarians and carnivores, the carnivores
will often bring up the paleo diet
as a rational for eating meat ... their reasoning
being that if our genes evolved eating meat,
then that should be the best food for us

... an article I read in the news today,
cleared up the issue of how paleo mankind
really ate. For the most part it was insects.

... The men would often go out on hunting parties,
but would only be successful 1 in 10 hunts,
so that left it to the women to go out daily
and collect insects to feed their hungry children

... now, insects are far better for you than meat,
milk, eggs, fish, or what have you

... from a macrobiotic view, it is good if you consume
the entire prey ... head, tail, shell, and all

... and that is what insects provide. Super high
quality fat and protein, in a complete mineral
balanced package

... the principle being that the whole creature is
balanced, so eat it all to have a balanced meal,
bones, organs, fur, everything.

... I must admit, I have seen this in action myself.
I happened to have some brown rice which became
infested with little black insects, which liked
to feed on rice, leaving a cut powdery rice with
little black specks in it

... I cooked it, and ate it, and was surprised
how well I felt energy-wise from the food.

... it tended to smell bad after a few days,
so it wasn't good for refrigeration

... I still am squeemish about bugs myself,
but if faced with starvation, I would probably
turn to bugs, as they still do in the third

... a recent study concerning the SIRT1 gene,
which controls rejeuvination, showed that
meat-eating aged one quicker, and led to
earlier dementia

... I wonder if the protein/fat combination
of insects has the same effect as meat? I would
bet we age more slowly on insects than meat, but
that is my conjecture at the moment

... well, bon appetite

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu