is the world what we think it is

... when we are in our superior mental mindset,
humans like to think of themselves as the only
creature which perceives reality correctly

... we examine the minds and behaviors of
other creatures, and conclude that their
limited conciousnesses cannot possibly
fathom the true intracacies of reality,
as we humans can.

... but is that really the case? Do we
perceive the world as IT IS, or do we just
make up something called science, which allows us
to predict events, based on known observations,
and theories

... the theories seem work almost 99.999 percent of
the time, but there are those events in the .001 percentage
which defy our logic ... things like dark matter and
dark energy, etc.

... additionally, .001 percent of all events is
alot of anomalies, considering the number of
events occurring at any one instant is enormous

... only the Conciousness of God can comprehend it all,
we puny humans just make up theories

... even the much touted Big Bang Theorists, are now
being challenged by assertions that the red-shift in starlight
is not what it seems to be ... it could be caused by
the universe growing more massive

... and the if red-shift is flawed, then the basic principle
in all of our astro measurements is flawed, so we may
be seeing
cosmos INcorrectly

... maybe the cosmos actually is a bunch of concentric
... but in a multi-dimensional sense, and our eyes and brains
can't quite figure it out, and we make up a fundamental
apriori principle, which we call Time, to explain it all.

... we make a concession to the extreme amount of
information out there, and just make up a variable
called Time to account for the way things change

... maybe each of has a little tachyon in our pineal gland,
and that lets us traverse Time in our mind?

... so it boggles the mind, and even the Third Eye cannot
comprehend the meaning of it all, but yet we persist as
humans to claim that we understand it all

... all I can say right now, is that I am very grateful
to Brahma for sending all the good knowledge and science
into our conciousnesses. Mankind needs to advance fast,
so that the maximum number of people can survive the
events of the future, and recent news shows great
advances every single day

... only by the good will of God do we advance, and
the way is by connecting with the great source
of all knowledge, the Great Brahma

... thank you, Vishnu, thank you, Brahma

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu