thinking about our genes

... I saw in the news today, scientific evidence that
eating meat and other high protein foods, especially
if they are cooked, can lead to premature aging

... aging is just the genes not being able to replicate
themselves perfectly, then all sorts of sh*t starts
to hit the fan, in the cell metabolism of our bodies

... people have been misled for a longtime, that somehow
a meat heavy diet will make you muscular and virile

... one may get a temporary boost from it, but it comes
at a cost to our genetic structure

... people should eat to have proper cell functioning,
not to become muscular. Muscles don't mean a thing if
you have no energy, and energy comes from the cell

... from an article at :
The research is published in the journal Cell Reports.
Previous research has found that eating barbecued, grilled
or fried meat could increase the risk of being struck
down by dementia.

US experts found that compounds called
advanced glycation end products, or Ages, suppress the
anti-ageing enzyme known as Sirt1.

Protein-rich foods that are cooked at very high
temperatures raise the level of these harmful Ages in blood.

... If you want to be healthy, start paying attention to how
your genes react to what you consume

... little tiny chemical reactions are going on way down
inside all your cells, and if you keep the cell metabolism
healthy, you last longer.

... it's like too much salt rusts a car, well too much
of the wrong protein will muckup your gene functioning,
and make you metaphorically rust

... you are what you eat

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