Banana Equivalent Dose

... when I was young, I was a radiation-phobe, always
worried about radioactivity, and freaking out over
an invisible world, which human senses cannot see

... in the news today, there was alot of talk
concerning the unaccounted for radiation leak at the
New Mexico repository

... that led me to a whole series of pages describing
radiation measurements, and the facts about normally
occurring radiation in our everyday environment

... Potassium-40, a radioactive mineral that is in
all the food we eat, especially bananas, is often mentioned,
as a good example of how much natural radiation is
in existence

... from Banana Equivalent Dose:

This potassium will naturally generate 5400 Bq of radioactive decays,
constantly through the person's adult lifetime.

... so what is a Bq? It's a basically 1 atomic nucleus
decaying, and transforming into something else, releasing
alpha, gamma, and beta waves in the process

... 1 Bq = 1 atom changed per second

... these energies released can do damage to surrounding
tissue, and that is the danger

... but fortunately, at the rate we normally experience
the world, our genes have developed strategies for repairing
damaged tissues, and it could be possible that some
background radiation is actually desirable, to keep
our radiation-repair genes active

... but who knows anymore? The way I see the world now,
from a quantuum, subatomic level, this body is just
a vessel for my soul, while I'm in the material world

... the body is just a bunch of atoms, that have come
together, for the purpose of allowing me to inhabit
it, as I make my journey thru spacetime

... as a plus, each decay of Potassium-40, sends
off a plethora of neutrinos, marking all of our
actions in the Akashic Record, like God's
geo-location recorder

... so Potassium-40 is good, eat more bananas
and glow like neutrino light bulb, and enjoy
performing for the gods

... remember, God can see neutrinos, we can't.

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu