the modern Noah

... in the news today, 2 of the world's most
respected science societies, said that climate
change is in full swing, and to continue to
ignore it, is done at our own peril!

... the cataclysmic end has been forecast before,
but this one sends some chills thru me

... so what would the modern Noah do, to insure
that he and his family survive?

... survive what? ... that is the question

... from what I can gather, the most likely
demon to appear, will be tornadoes and sheer
winds. Sheer winds are in a straight line, but
can go at tornado-like speeds

... they can blow across many states, knocking
down everything in it's path

... some crazy visionary actually proposes to
build a giant wall across tornado alley, it
would be a thousand feet high, 500 feet wide,
and 600 miles long ... hopefully to trip up
the demons as they approach

... so what's a Noah to do? Stay mobile, and
be prepared to move to a better area?

... being constantly on the move, like gypsies?

... or, if one takes the position that it is
better to stay in one location, and build the
strongest fortress you can, one should look
to building underground

... when the storms blow overhead, I would want
to be sitting in my underground house, where
my biggest worry is too much water

... well-built underground, or semi-buried
shelters can last for hundreds of years,
with relatively little maintenance

... maybe that is why the government dosn't
promote them, it would kill the housing industry,
who prefer to build throw-away houses of
pine sticks, that need replacing every 30 years.

... I would think that ferro-cement walls would
be the way to go ... cheap and easy to patch

... and don't forget storm proof shutters on
the windows, nothing ruins a day, like having
the windows on your bunker blow out :-)

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu