oh Noah

... I saw a news blurb today, that Russel Crowe,
has urged the Pope to see his new movie Noah,
in which Crowe saves his family and the world
of innocent animals

... besides the fact that it is probably pure
mythology, and has nothing to do with biblical
history, it does convey many truths about

... I watched the trailer, and one scene reminded me
of an old cold war era Twilight Zone episode, where
neighbors at first ridicule a man for building
a bomb shelter, then mob-attack the shelter
when the air-raid sirens go off

... I must say, the idea that the earth could
be destroyed by water does seem far fetched,
and historians have tried to piece together
some likely scenarios

... one is that after the last ice-age ended, a
giant ice dam built up, collapsed, and flooded
the known world, which wasn't much
back then

... another is that some kind of methane bubbling
was occuring under the Mediterranean Sea, and
a giant bubble exploded and created a massive tidal

... the only explanation I can think of, that truly
would flood everyone worldwide, would be some sort
of spatial inertia anomally, where the entire earth
changes it's rate of spin dramatically, but temporarily

... the rock mantle would stop spinning, but the oceans
wouldn't, they would continue on with their inertia
and just overrun the shorelines and go sloshing
across whole continents

... how could such a thing ever happen? I propose some
kind of cosmic electromagntic field event wherein some
braking effect is induced into the core, much like
electromagnetic braking is used in motors

... our core afterall is one big magnet

... to put it in layman's terms, imagine you have a cup
of coffee on your dashboard, and suddenly have to slam
on the brakes. The coffee continues forward, even though
the dashboard and cup have stopped

... now, the oldest book of which I know can be trusted
as the words from heaven above, the Srimad Bhagavatam,
says that at the end, Krishna sees the whole material
creation washed away by a flood of water

... so that would make the Noah story somewhat
consistent with the Truth, although it is actually
just a metaphor for something that happened further
back in Time, further back than the biblical version
of Noah

... you got to love Russell Crowe. He is the embodiment
of Rama, the perfected man-king on earth, in so many
of his roles, and this movie falls into that category

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu