Dear Jane

... I see Jane Fonda has been highlighted in
the news lately, lamenting that she is getting
old, and has relatively little time left

... she shows great appreciation for the beauty
of the world, and laments having to leave behind
the life of a beautiful Hollywood goddess

... it's hard for me to see you get old too, as
I believe you were number 1 on the list of
jack-off fantasies for teen boys, especially
in the era of Cat Ballou :-)

... I still would like to have your neice
Bridget sitting on my lap, as she too,
posseses the beauty

... beautiful women are needed by human society,
to make the men want to procreate ... it's
the Kama Sutra ... sex is our primary drive

... it's hard to see the fantasy women given
to us by the media, grow old and be seen without
makeup ... it exposes the lie of the youth

... and all our delusions is based on that lie

... the lie that youthful sex will go on forever

... there is an old saying,
peasants are not afraid to die

... the reason for this is obvious. You work
long hours, starve, and suffer the cruel miseries
of this good earth. Death is a release from the suffering.

... but there are those who have tremendous, fun,
great lives, and they have a hard time giving it up

... but Jane, I would recommend spending your time
trying to raise your God-conciousness, so when the
day does come, you will make it into the heavenly
realms, and there and then attain the dream of
an eternally youthful sexy manifestation

... I havn't got that far in the Srimad Bhagavatam,
but I guess in the later chapters, the thing
you would really want to be is one of Krishna's
gopi girls, and be part of the origin of the
Kama Sutra's energy

... so fear not Jane, everyone loses their youth,
even if you die young, and you were lucky enough
to have lived long and prospered

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu