how do you want to die?

... on an NPR show yesterday, I heard a story
in which doctors were asked about how they wanted
to die, and what life-extension procedures should
be allowed to be used on them

... I was surprised that most doctors do not want
any life-extending help, even citing how the often
touted CPR techniques, like pounding the chest, etc.
does nothing except cause more misery

... it was claimed that only 8% of people revived
thru CPR, last more than a month, and that month
is usually pure hell-on-earth, with tubes sticking
in and out of you. No dignity in death there.

... I was surprised to hear that the doctors themselves,
feel about as I do toward final medical care
... when your Time comes, just go with the flow,
why fight it ... death is inevitable

... sure there are the good cases like children
revived from drowning, where CPR is very successful,
but for your average adult, it isn't so effective

... when the Angel of Death comes calling, it is
best just to let nature take it's course

... the doctors agreed on one thing, they want
pain relief, at the end, and I agree with that too
... good pain killers of any type should be given freely
to those who are checking out of Hotel Earth,
waiting at the Hospice Station for the next flight out.

... the Srimad Bhagavatam says that the true believers,
when they die, it will be like a strike of lightening.

... just Wham! So fast that you didn't even realize
that your conciousness was instantly removed from
your earth body, and sent to Vishnu, Who, will hopefully
give you your next incarnation in the heavenly realms,
instead of back down here on earth

... but some people actually want to come back to
earth, I'm lucky in that I don't feel that desire

... whatever people think of me, I am using this
life, to the best of my knowledge and ability to
see the Truth, and get back to Vishnu

... I'm reaching out from this merry-go-round, and
grabbing for the brass ring

... so why fear death?

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu