the risk business

... last week there was a fatwa issued which said
that Muslims should not go to Mars, as it
was a possible suicide mission, and a waste
of your soul

... a human life is a valuable gift, in the spiritual sense

... the nuns who taught me in grade school,
said the same thing

... so that brings up an interesting quandry
regarding modern living, and that is, what
other kinds of risky behavior do we engage
in everyday, just to satisfy our need for
money or cheap adrenaline thrills

... fast machines, lusty sex with beautiful
strangers, eating the junk the supermarkets
sell nowadays as food, breathing city air,
drinking heavily treated water

... risks are everywhere, and so there is no
way to avoid them

... what I notice, after years of watching event
sequences, is that the risky times seem to come in clusters.
There will be people dying, planes crashing,
accidents reported all over the place, all within
a few week period.

... then suddenly a calm reappears, where there
is relatively little in the way of accidents,
crashes, stars dying, and bad news in general

... the secret to success is learning how to
traverse the time period when things are
unlucky, with little or no damage

... I heard it put by astrologically minded
people, that the period when Mercury is
in retrograde
is a good indicator of when
everything turns toward negativity

... whatever the cause, when you sense that
things are going unlucky, just be aware of
the tendency, slow down, and act with deliberation
and mindfulness

... what I think is happening in these phases,
is that we are being tested for mindfulness
of the moment, and the danger is in thinking too
fast, or trying to do things automatically,
without paying close attention

... my belief now, is that there
is a Goddess Kali, who loves to destroy
humans for their wicked ways, but she is
kept in check by the higher gods and God

... but Kali is occaisionally allowed to
run free, to kill and destroy, principally
attacking those who take the highest risks

... it is sort of the way wolves prune
the elk and caribou herds, ... shaking
out the weak

... so, be mindful of the Psychic Weather

... on the days when Kali hunts, even a simple
task, can become filled with deadly, harmful
consequences ... things just go wrong

... so you can pray to God for protection, and
that is about all you can do

... the whole earth is in the shadow of the
valley of death, no escape, not even to Mars

... as a matter of fact, Mars is even worse

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu