the difference between the sexes

... after realizing the the real battle on earth, is the
battle between the sexes, I have to wonder, what really
would be the difference between a male dominated
society, and a female dominated one

... in this day and age of same sex marriages, of the
unisex ideal, and the metrosexuals, it seemed that
sexual difference and fidelity is doomed

... I remember when woman's liberation first started
back in the 60's, I realized that liberated women
meant liberated men ... thats cool, I enjoy the life
of a liberated man. :-)

... an interesting study, showed that sperm counts
in men, are higher in men in societies where the women
are floosies, and will sleep around to suit their
desires and whims

... it seems that the male response to that, is to
try to sleep with as many women as he can, thus
higher sperm counts are developed

... but it appears that like the lead in Roman water
pipes, our enlightened society has been releasing
chemicals which effeminize males, hormone disruptors,
in all sorts of modern materials

... so in a Murphy's Law primo example, the ying-yang
balance gets so warped, where if you become overly
you flip toward maleness, and diito for the
overly yang(male),
they flip toward being female, queens in a male body.

... it all comes down to sex, dosn't it?

... it seems that in male dominated socities, there
is one top dog, and he has a harem ... women
are looked at as property of men

... in female dominated socities, women usually setup
a system I once heard described as a walking marriage,
where you have a fling every now and then, with the stud
of your choice, and he then is free to go, whilst her
brothers and uncles help her raise the kid

... since I am now in the position of being a
nearly emasculated male, I wonder how long it will
be before they just freeze all the best sperm from
the best males, then just get rid of the males?

... I worry about that, to be honest. Women
cooperate enough, that they could pull something like
that off, whearas men can't even cooperate enough to
create a peaceful world.

... men, they just argue over who is top dog

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu