the war between the sexes

... from an article at, on how masculinity
is being systematically destroyed, as part of the move
to make everyone docile, so as to be better controlled.

A totalitarian society can only survive if the
male population has been gelded, emasculated and
disenfranchised. With this natural bulwark against
tyranny removed, the elite can centralize power and
pursue collectivist tyranny unopposed. This is why
men and masculinity are under assault on every level
and why both men and women should join forces to fight
back against this common enemy.

... After working on a few farms, I can say the above
is true for animals, so it probably applies to
humans too. You need to geld the males to keep
things orderly in the barnyard.

... you can only have one stud at the top of the heap

... all others are just contenders to the throne

... so it does seem there is a progression in civilization,
where at first you must destroy tribalism, so everyone
pledges allegiance to the king and country, then later
you destroy the maleness in everyone, so everyone pledges
allegiance to the queen.

... it appears that females are more cooperative than
males, and now that the earth is essentially conquered,
the males are no longer needed, except to fix pot holes,
and provide fresh sperm

... I have had numerous females attempt to put me under
their control, but I was born lucky, and had 2 older sisters,
who unbeknownst to them, were teaching me how to battle
against female domination.

... but in the end, the females won out. It is of no use
to fight the creatures who make and mother the offspring.

... the women generally run the families, because that is
what they like to do

... the men like watching football and/or getting intoxicated

... but I still am a king, in my own mind, and any female
who wants to subdue me, will have to demonstrate clear
superiority in all things, so that I will be glad to

... but, after years of pursuing perfection,
I am afraid the only one who fits that bill,
is the Goddess Laksme Herself

... but Reese Weatherspoon, Taylor Swift, or Sharon Stone
will do, until she can incarnate for me. :-)

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu