settling the Red planet

... I read today in the news that a Fatwa has been issued
warning Muslims not to go to Mars

... they claim it is basically a suicide mission,
and to waste your life on such a risky venture, would
basically throwing your soul away
... Allah says Not Good.

... I have to say, this rings true from the teaching
the Catholic grade school nuns beat into my head,
and that is that anything which recklessly risks your life,
for no spiritual gain, is a grave offense againt God

... you are wasting the Temple of the soul, which is
still owned by God, even though we think we are owners
of our own selves.

... sports car racing, parachute jumping, mountain
climbing, and all that sort of risky stuff, is spiritually
reckless, and now I guess, so is going to Mars as
a pioneer.

... I have to say, the older and wiser I get, the
more Truth I see in the true Islamic way. What surprises
me, is that it is very similar to the way the Christian
churches were back 60 or 70 years ago.

... No shopping on Sunday.
Men gave their seats to women on the bus and subway.
No strip clubs, no indecent dress in public.

... when I was young, and even now, I thought the
separation of church and state was a good thing
to have. But now, as I grow wiser, I see that the
people need something pure, and 100% perfect, to
guide them as a beacon thru life

... helping one to avoid the pitfalls of the
modern world ... a beacon from heaven above

... from what I can gather now, Vishnu, God, and Allah
are one in the same, and that makes sense, because
almost everyone agrees there is but one Supreme Being

... it's the old adage about 9 blind gurus holding on
to an elephant. One has the ear, one has the truck,
one the tail, one the foot, etc. All claim to be hanging
on to God, but they all are describing something different

... they all claim to be right, yet they differ; furthermore,
they are all right in their assertions to be holding on to
the Supreme

... such is the state of religous beliefs, in this
quantuum mechanical cosmos, StarDate: 20FEB2014

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu