thinking like a president

... in honor of President's Day, I will attempt
to think like a president, and make what all
presidents do, an out-of-the-rabbit's hat

... starting with the KeystoneXL pipeline, I say
build it, with the caveat that it one day can be
converted to piping water ... because moving
water around is soon to be the one of the
biggest deals going

... I also say to revive the idea of the
Great Lakes pipeline out to the fertile,
but parched plains. Soon, we will have food
shortages if the droughts out west continue

... so build pipelines, lots of them, all to
eventually carry water, or whoever else wants
to contract it out ... maybe ship Mexican beer
to Canada thru a pipeline? :-)

... an author just wrote a book about the
6th Extinction event which is slowly occurring.
It is quite likely that eventually over 50% of
life as we now know it, will disappear, due to
climate change, ocean acidification, and
extreme overpopulation by humans

... at this present time, we need more technology,
not less, to feed the starving masses, especially
as climate change brings unpredictable rain patterns

... I heard somone in the media bitching already
about the high cost of meat, but right now, they
are working on ways of growing meat in big tanks
... pure artificial meat, tastes the same when fried
... maybe it will be the first good-karma meat? :-)

... lucky me, I've already made the change to meatless,
but the dairy and cheese still makes my mouth water
... there ain't nothing like a good fresh pizza

... so, you don't like the high cost of maple syrup?
Well, right now they are preparing to use a
Frankensteinian Matrix type of farming, where
they genetically engineer maple trees that prefer
to be young saplings, then cut off their tops,
put a suction cup on them, and let a machine
suck out their juices, 24 hours a day, all
year round

... so don't panic about the coming Brave New World,
because without the new advances in science, most
of us would die off in the 6th Extinction event

... so, wise societies plan ahead. It is time
to start planning, on a national level, for the
coming on-going crisis in water and food

... speaking of Presidential, the eponym presidential
tree, the Eisenhower Tree, at Augusta golf course,
a huge loblolly pine, was finally brought down
during this last ice storm

... Eisenhower tried to have the tree cut down after
hitting it many times playing golf. The course
said no, even though he was president at the time.

... Eisenhower, yeah, I always thought he was the
last honest president

... those people who fought World War 2, are the
true great heroes

... they created America as it is today, lucky for us

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu