our little bubbles of time

... some poll recently announced that one in 4 Americans
did not know that the earth orbits around the sun

... it made me think once again, how in our day-2-day
lives, most of us live in a world devised in our minds,
typically a flat circular plane, which transitions thru
something we call time

... most of us, even though our immediate experience
of space-time tells us we are in a flat-plane, do believe
the scientists who tell us that the earth is actually a
great big oblate spheroid orbiting a giant fireball
called the sun

... so how does one make the connection between the
experience of the human psyche, and that of science?
What bridges the gap?

... what I see now, is that reality actually is the
little flat circular plane of my local space, and
more importantly, the events, which manifest thru it.

... your local space, that is what you are karmically
responsible for, in most cases

... one can control events thru understanding karma,
and that is the nature of free will

... so each of us are weaving a little a thread in
spacetime. It's when all those individual threads
are viewed as a whole, that the entire earth appears

... the earth dosn't appear before just anyone, it only
becomes apparent to the astronauts, or satellites way up out
of our little bubble of time

... so, one can see the sum total of all event sequences,
when aggregated together, and looked at from far away
... it appears as a planet orbitting a sun

... so should you think big like the scientist, or think
small, and concentrate on what time brings your way?

... I say: it is better to control time, than space

... don't grab for more space, try grabbing for the
other dimensions

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu