the edge of it all

... I'm cosmically inclined, so news today about
a ribbon of bright energy, at the very edge of our
solar system, caught my fascination

... we each live in these little worlds, in
our conciousnesses, failing to see the true
stage upon which we play out our earth games

... it seems that at the very edge of the solar system,
there is a boundary region, where the solar wind from our
sun, can no longer push back against the intense cosmic
wind which blows thru interstellar space

... ions hitting non-ionized atoms in space, and
causing sparks to fly

... the whole thing sort of reminds me of how
an electric dynamo works ... imagine the entire
solar system, as one big spinning disk, defined
by the heliosphere, and when charge spins, what do
you get? Electricity gets generated, a flow of
charge from one region to another

... they say the lightening occuring on earth,
if captured, would contain enough energy to
power all of our cities

... I wonder what power is actually being generated
by the rotation of the solar system, even the
power generated by the rotation of the Milky Way itself?

... and you thought nothing was going on up there,
as you ramble about your little earth life

... outer space was supposed to be empty, but it isn't

... outer space may best be looked at as an ocean,
a vast ocean, with currents and streams of plasma
like matarials

... I find it somewhat more than coincidental, that
our previous generations were limited by the oceans,
and now we face an even bigger ocean, in which earth
is just a pleasant shore, to get some R&R on

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu