hurry up and wait

... what I miss in the so-called modern world,
is the lost sense of stability in society and nature

... just to sit there, in your rocker, knowing the
animals are fed, that you are content, and it
should all go on that way, ad infinitum

... next year the rains will come, the trees will blossom,
and so on. I can sleep without worry

... now nature has become a destroyer, something to fear

... the world is a threatened place

... if it isn't the landless, starving mobs of
disposessed people, it's asteroids or man-made catastrophe
of one form or another

... I wonder what ocean acidification will bring? The
end of fish?

... in the very old days, mankind used to move from place
to place quite often, following the food supply,
whether it be buffalo, fish, or ripening berries

... somehow, people became attached to being in
one place, they call it home

... now, people dream of creating homes, which they
can pass on down to their progeny, like they are some
great genetic dynasty ... they call it putting down roots

... but roots are only pipe dreams. How many of you
actually live now, where you were born, or even within
a few hundred miles of your birthplace?

... so what is that warm homey feeling, which people
hunger after? Mom's apple pie? That soft warm bed
where no one will bother you? A flush toilet?

... I think home is where your lover is

... I carry mine with me in my mind.

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu