hurry hide, butterfly

... I remember a song from my youth, by the Moody Blues,
with the lyric:

the rain is on the roof, hurry hide butterfly,
as clouds rush past my head, I know why, the
skies outcry .... Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm

... well that is about what is happening here. I read
the El Nino and warm pacific waters, generally means
warm dry air blowing our way from the Baja, keeping
us sunny and dry here in Georgia

... but, as it is ocurring now, it is picking up
warm gulf air, which is colliding with the huge
cold air mass to the north, and making rain
and ice

... I can dig it, because the summer weather we will get
will be worth it

... the climate and the world are changing fast

... it is claimed by experts, that very soon, maybe
less than a few hundred years, all wild animals
will be extinct, just like the dinosaurs

... and the children will never know what it was like
to see a real bear, lion, elephant, rhino, or whatever
else enters your mind. The fish could dissappear too.

... but who am I to stop the march of progress?

... according to the information available, there was
a mass extinction about 262 million years ago, killing
off about roughly half of all surface and water life

... things change, and things repeat. I just saw an
interesting graph correlating the stock market now,
and just before the 1929 crash ... the correlation
is obvious to the casual observer

... we all are temporary beings on the face of the earth

... we are lucky to be alive right now, to experience
the scientific flourishing of humanity, but things

... relatively soon, you, I, and everything
we think important, will fade into insignificance

... we probably will be mentioned in the history books
of the future, of whatever intelligence inhabits this
planet next, may it be our progeny or space aliens

... God owns the world, people don't like to confront
that concept, because it interferes with their sense
of ownership and control.

.... 0mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu