nothing left to lose

... I woke up feeling kind of crummy this morning,
a low pressure drizzle outside

... as I was trying to get my mental frame of
mind together, to face another day, I asked myself
what would truly make me happy?

... the answer I gave myself is to be free of
any kind of debt or obligation to anyone, and
to be able to just sit and ponder existence,
all day long, if I wish to

... I sit around and chant alot, mostly Om,
and I wondered about a statement which James
Burke made in a Connections series show
on China

... he pondered the following question: if
the chinese invented gunpowder and weaving
and other technologies, way before the Europeans,
why didn't they end up controlling
the world a few centuries ago?

... the answer he proposed, was that China back
then was rightly ruled by some wise old monks,
and they knew about the Tao

... the Tao was the entire Creation, and they
made it honorable to just sit and contemplate
it's magic, rather than to use it for tools
of conquest

... the Tao'ist dosn't need Jesus, nor Mohammed
to save him, since he is at peace with the cosmos,
and karma is karma

... now I feel better

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu