the true path to happiness

... everyone is searching for a thing called happiness,
but few seem to actually find it ... ever wonder why?

... the first thing most people turn to, in their search,
is intoxication, and for awhile it works, but it dosn't
give you any long lasting, internal sense of happiness

... intoxication allows you to forget the bad side of
life, and temporarily puts you into that dreamlike
condition, wherein you actually believe that your
life might mean something, in the big scheme
of things

... life truly is like a hollywood movie when you
are intoxicated

... so what other way is there to attain happiness?

... the only reasonable answer is God-conciousness

... one must come to terms with facing their inevitable

... at that point, you have only one option: to ask
the conciousness in your head, was this life only a
joke, or is there something beyond death?

... then you become aware of the the Great Cosmic
Conciousness, Vishnu, the controller and maintainer
of this solar system and entire material world

... once you connect conciously with Vishnu, there
is no more fear, and once you learn not to fear death,
happiness comes, because you know you are eternal
in soul form, and your soul is still God-concious

... your guardian angel, your paramatma, is still
with you

... I think even Freud thought that the fear of death,
was the major driving factor in most people's lives

... remove that fear, by staying connected to the

... Om namo bhagavate Vasudeva ya

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu