thrill me baby

... I heard a radio challenge wherein Wes Craven
would judge something like the best horror story
in under 30 seconds

... I never thought it would come true, but the
president just announced that an intense energy
burst was just detected by sensors at the edge
of the solar system. This energy burst was best
described as an intense gamma-ray beam laser.
All meters were pegged, so they don't know
exactly how strong the burst is, but be assured
exposure to it is deadly, for even the strongest
of people.

... the suspected cause is the supernova of nearby

... the effect is lethal.

... Thereby, by order of the President,
all people are hearby ordered to go into their
backyards, parks, or wherever they can,
and dig a hole at least 6 foot deep, and bury
yourselves somehow so that you can wait in your
earth bunker for at least 1 hour, the time it will
take for the burst to pass

... use plywood, use tarps, or whatever you got,
and get under 6 feet of dirt
... that will be the only protection afforded to you,
besides that provided by God.

... Get your family underground, you have
4 hours and 15 minutes

... Godspeed everyone.

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu