the cure for pain

... it is generally good advice to fly under the
radar, but in this case, I feel I must enter
something about it, here, in my captain's logs

... in my recent ponderings over the rebuilding
of the Chinese Empire, which once was very
expansive, it occured to me, the funny karma
which has occurred regarding poppy paste,
and it's more potent derivatives

... the encouraged addiction of the Chinese
people to the poppy, by the Brittish Empire,
i.e. the West, back a few hundred
years ago, in order to get tea for England,
seems to have come back to bite the West

... it seems that it was policy back
then, to allow addicting an entire nation
for profit ... as it is now.

... and now, I listen and read reports about
many US state authorities complaining that
heroin and painkiller addiction was an
overwhelming problem in their states

... the governor of Vermont, IIRC, devoted
his entire State of the State address to
the issue, claiming it is destroying the

... there was a sad but funny story regarding
this lately. A woman hit a bicyclist who came
flying thru her windshield, and she just drove
home with the guy's head stuck in the glass
talking to her.

... upon questioning by the prosecutor, she
claimed she thought he was an hallucination, brought on
by years of pain killer use

... the prosecutor then asked: When did you start
using heroin?

... she replied: When it became cheaper than going
to the doctor. :-)

... ain't it the truth?

... now, some artificial pain killer called Fentenyl,
is supposedly being mixed in with heroin to cheaply
boost its efficacy

... they suspect actor Philip Seymour Hoffman just
O.D. on it, and died

... so it seems that we are a nation of people in
search of cheap, and effective pain killers

... why should this stuff be so hard to get, when
everyone is in so much pain, and Fentenyl probably
could be made quite cheaply

... why should America be held economic hostage
to pain relief?

... when you are in pain, you would willingly
sign over your whole paycheck for relief

... in my darker hours, I almost suspect a conspiracy
of doctors, who know how to cause pain in people,
then suck away their life savings for pain relief pills

... I hate to say it, but it does seem that the poppy
plant and its paste are the solution given to us by
God and nature

... it just grows as flowers in the fields, and all
you need to do is collect it ... that is the way
God would provide pain relief ... free to all

... Thomas Jefferson freely grew it at Monticello, for
his personal pain relief

... so, why is this nation being held hostage to pain?

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu