water water everywhere

... I just read an interesting theory proposed by
a reseacher who investigates the Big Bang and
Cosmic Microwave Background radiation.

... to get to the point, the theory proposes
that as the CMB cooled down from super-hot
plasma temperatures, to today's near absolute
zero levels, it passed thru a temperature
range, wherein the temperature everywhere in
outer space was like a warm summer day on earth

... that means that all the rocks, planets, and
whatever else is out there, was warm, and had
liquid water ... so life could have developed
anywhere ... and I add probably everywhere

... the question then becomes, did the new emergent
life, find a habitable rock, to survive after
the CMB cooled down

... we were fortunate to have landed on this warm rock,
in the liquid water zone of a fireball sun

... now we must look forward to the next exodus

... will there come a time, where and when the
human race must move to another planet?

... that question presents a spiritual quandry

... would it be better to go with the human race
to a new planet, or is it best to give up my existence
in the material world entirely, and try to find
the GodHead in the other energy dimensions?

... I love earth, but I decided long ago, that
I want more. I want to find the Source of all
Conciousness, the Origin of all life

... That probably isn't on any other planet which
our spacecraft can reach

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu