the killer cold

... I've done alot of winter camping, and basically
live in an unheated trailer, so I am used to dealing
with low ambient temperatures

... I even take cold showers, as I try to stay out
of hot water :-)

... but until it happens to you once, going into
hypothermia and freezing to death, is something you
want to avoid

... at the very end, it isn't so bad, as your mind
is numbed down, into a sleep, which allows you
to escape the shivering and other sensations of
freezing to death

... the problem with falling asleep cold, is that you
don't wake up

... it is nature's gentle way of killing us

... but then again, people can build a tolerance
to anything

... I think I got my cold-hearty-ness from just
living in camps

... in camps, you are always looking for a way
to get warm in winter, a patch of sun, or anything

... well I got interested in hearing stories about
Himalayan monks who could somehow generate enough
body heat to melt snow around them

... being the educated type, I figure they must
have a way to convert body fat to infrared energy

... so you burn more calories in the winter,
especially if you eat alot and shiver

... in the winter, if you need to be outside,
eat butter, lots of butter

... I'm still working on how infrared energy could
be manifest in this, our space-time bubble, by the
mental energy of a monk who can access the other
dimensions thru a form of mental yoga

... they say that the neurons which detect temperature
in our skin don't really distinquish between hot or
cold. Our mental processes filter the feeling depending
on the environment we see

... so when you are really freezing to death, and in
near delerium, your mind could actually trick you
into believing you feel warm and are laying on a beach

... that is the danger point

... it also could work conversely, a witch being
unjustly burned at the stake, make have felt
herself on a glacier of ice

... try to stay out of either situation :-)

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu